Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Song in making

Today on 14 th November, Children's day has been celebrated all over the country and the same was followed in the school of SNAM ZPSS,Narsapuram.A village nearby the temple town.Here in the picture,the veteran teacher and musician Sri hari Kameswara Rao garu was essaying the nuances of a patriotic song  which was going to be presented on the dais. Telugu teacher Seeta garu with rapt attention towards the ongoing session of the concerned.

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Monday, November 13, 2017

Movie star NTR at the Temple

Telugu Film goers need no introduction of NTR as he is well known as an actor.He and his wife came to the temple town to have visited the Lord Rama's abode.It was  not a sought after visit these days as there was no much buzz about it.Coy and reticent town roused with a fan fare all over the place.Priests helped them with required rituals on the occasion.Big boss,the tv show proved a big hit for which he had been the host for all the episodes.This blog is to encompass the happenings of our little town and hence the news of it for you all.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

"Aaku pacchani Vidhvansam" short listed for Kamisetty Puraskaram

Noted Telugu novelist and story writer Sri Siramsetty Kantha Rao is going to receive a coveted award i.e., Kamisetty puraskaram for his novel 'Aakupacchani vidhvansam'in the first week of December 2017,at Bhadrachalam .He is a prolific literary giant among the present Telugu writers.Sri Kantha Rao has penned many stories and they have been brought out in different collections like "Kanchi mekalu,Matti taalla vala,uutha karralu" and others apart from a Hindi version of stories such as "Jung".

His novel "Vyuham" won first prize in the competition conducted by Prajasakthi book house.Another novel "Poola kundeelu" made ripples with its concept of surrogacy and implications borne out  of it.Sri Kantha Rao does extensive research whatever the theme he adopts,goes to the field to have ground level realities to support the narrative to its fullest possible.

Coming to the personal front,Sri Kantha Rao worked as a junior assistant in Sponge Iron unit of Paloncha and retired a couple of years back.All his writings witness Proletariat outlook.The down trodden,wretched  and condemned are depicted in flesh and blood through all his works.Incredible Bhadrachalam congratulates him on the occasion of having another feather in his crown.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Story behind the temple town's name

Everybody knows that our temple town has a special story behind its name.Here in the picture,we are seeing a sage called Bhadra Maharshi in the form of a statue which is located by the side of Anjaneya swamy temple soon after got over the bridge.On his name , the place had been named as Bhadrachalam.The sage was a renowned one for his penances to attain the grace of the deity Lord Rama.It was said that a hillock on which main temple built was the another form of this Bhadra Maharshi.

Usually people would see this and hardly visit to pay respects as which was laid in a place of feeble focus,however remained safe with fresh greenery and fence around it.The statue appears as he was wishing the visitors of the temple.Beyond it,there was a temple complex of Abhayanjaneya swamy.Left side leads to the bathing ghats of river Godavari,if you wish to have details of it,please see my old post in this blog,hope you get interested in it.Have a nice tuesday.

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Saturday, November 4, 2017

A Full Moon Day in the month of Kartheekam

These photos have been clicked today at the banks of Godavari.At Bhadrachalam,a negligible-walk long from the temple of Lord Rama.Right from 2 o'clock in the early morning,devotees started coming here to take a holy dip on the occasion of Kartika Purnima.Three demons Vidyunmali,Virayavana and Tarakeswara were killed by Lord Siva this day as our mythology described, and they were called by Tripurasurulu in unison.This is the short info about this festival.Around 11 o'clock people are looked in feeble number as they had to go to principal temple to have a Darshan.

Godavari is one always to attract having baths on all auspicious days.Without any difference of local and far away people,almost had become an indivisible part of  the temple town.Other days,the perennial river remains calm and alone with breeze.Hardly some people always to be seen ,If it is on holidays or holy days,the story could be different.

(Godavari banks and devotees)

And this off river photo with shadowy street just in front of the river after we got down the bathing ghats.Straightway leads to the main temple and staying facilities.Once,this place enjoyed a portion of heydays with the name of Chapta diguvu.Lost its prominence since many other junctions took the charge of attention for several reasons.However,because of our eponymous hero Lord Rama still holds its importance.The peepal tree seen in the picture actually of some hundreds of years but the boughs have been axed down by the electricity people for their convenience of work probably.Thank God there was a sign of the tree.

(Chapta Diguvu)

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

A Quite gesture

Donating books to a school is quadruple times better than any gadgets.Nowadays even children get addicted to unnecessary use of apps and other things which,in turn, no way enrich cognitive skills of the pupil except killing the time.In keeping view all of these,Sri Jitender garu preferred to donate different kind of books ranging from mythology to present-day knowledge packed books to Sudureddy Nagi Reddy and Adilakshamamma memorial ZP High school,Narsapuram.Definitely they can wean kids away from mobile applications.And not only that they will be delighted in reading these fascinating publications.

(School staff with the donor)

As he has been residing in Hyderabad as a chartered accountant,Furniture like iron safes and other disposed equipment of their  abandoned house could always better be served the cause of school needs,he said.He expressed contentment in donating something from his earnings.
( Sri Jitendar garu and family members with Head Master Sri B.Sudhakar and Staff members Smt.Padma, Smt.Aruna and Sri Michel)

On the same day Murthy Kvvs gave away his translation work of Ernest Hemingway to the school library.

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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Picturesque beauty

The Picture was captured this evening when it was raining.A moment of showcasing the distant trees,gloomy sky and arboreal air mixed with one another to make it an eye feasting landscape altogether.Colorful statue of Goddess Saraswati,facing that side with veena in her hands.The columns of  school building of Narsapuram gave a unique look.This blog is strictly dedicated to the happenings of in and around of Bhadrachalam as you all know as which mentioned in the masthead.

Let me introduce this village a little bit.Narsapuram is almost 16 k.m. away from the temple town ,on the way of Parnasala.Go to my other posts to know more about it.

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